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14 September 2017
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A New Round of Environmental Inspection in China


Recently, it is reported that the ministry of environmental protection has investigated a number of illegal enterprises that had environmental pollution problems, Up to now, nine inspections have been carried out. The main target of inspections is the verification environment problem rectification and complete the rectification of the “look back”.



Through the inspection, many company were involved in environmental pollution and a lot of problems were found, such as excessive emissions, no pollution treatment facilities installed, VOCs, abnormal operation of pollution control facilities, and so on.


In summary, every manufacture should pay attention to environmental protection. Not only just to make manufacture grow longer, but also to resume a safer and more environmentally friendly social environment. Hong Ye technology has been engaged in product silicone rubber for nearly 20 years, and its silicone has passed FDA food grade certification, it is absolutely safe and environmental.


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