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22 March 2016
Silicone Technique
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FAQ of Mold Making Silicone Rubber

FAQ of Mold Making Silicone Rubber
1. Why will the silicone mold be reused only for a few times?
It can be due to the following reasons:
a. Adding too much silicone oil into silicone rubber. Silicone oil is an additive which can destroy the molecular weight of silicone rubber

and reduce the tension and tear strength.

b. Using the silicon rubber with a high hardness to make molds for small sized products with delicate and intricate designs or the silicon

rubber with a low hardness to makes molds for large sized products with simple designs.
(Notes: we should choose the suitable silicon rubber according to the requirements of our products to avoid this problem.)

2. Why does the silicone mold get burnt out? 
This consequence happens only because you have left out the important notes when using unsatured resin materials to produce your products. The unsaturated resin products great heat when added the curing agent. So you demould the resin product within 3 minutes can avoid this problem.

3. Why is the appearance of the finished mold striate and unsmooth? 
3 reasons can cause this kinds of problem:
a.It is because the appearance of the product or the model itself is not smooth
b.The product or the model has not been polished before the further operation
c. You haven’t spray the release agent evenly
So when you make silicone molds, firstly you should choose a perfect mold and polish it, spray the release agent evenly on the product. In this case, the problem can be avoided.

4. Why does the silicone mold appear to dry outside but wet inside?
Because molding silicone rubber is a kind of condensation silicone rubber, which get solidified after absorbing moisture from the air. In order to provide a significant shelf-life for the silicon rubber, we will dry out the water in the silicon rubber.
Solution: Add 0.1% water into the silicon rubber and Stir over a low speed briefly when you use it.

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