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Silicone for Chocolate Ice-Lolly

silicone rubber for chocolate Chocolate Ice-Lolly Biscuit Silicone is addition cure silicone rubber for mold making food grade certificated. The mixing ratio is 1:1. It has an exceptional fluidity, good operability…Read more

Silicone for Sugar Candy

silicone rubber for sugar Silicone for Sugar Candy is general called two-component room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber with excellent fluidity and good operational performance and good operability… Read more

Silicone for Cake Bread 

silicone rubber for cake Silicone Rubber for Cake Bread Cupcake is a kind of two-components food grade liquid silicone rubber. It is mainly used for making food models, candy molds, cake molds, chocolate molds… Read more