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26 September 2017
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Food Grade Silicone Rubber for Chocolate Mold Making


Chocolate represented romance, youth, health, energy, love, joy and so on. It can bring good mood, and very delicious. However, do you know how to make chocolate, the chocolate mold is necessary, it can help you make various shapes, such as heart shape, letter shape and other individual shapes. The chocolate molds can be made from silicone rubber, and it is important that the silicone rubber is absolutely non-toxic, it is harmless for human. There is a kind of silicone rubber for chocolate mold making that has passed FDA certification, which is absolutely safe. The food grade silicone rubber for chocolate can be used for making various shape molds.


Silicone rubber for chocolate mold making is a kind of platinum cure silicone rubber, which is made up of part A and part B, part A is liquid silicone, part B is platinum catalyst. It can vulcanize at room temperature or by heating, that is very easy to operate.



  Silicone rubber for chocolate characteristics:

❃  Environmental, non-toxic and tastelessness.

❃  Food grade, harmless to human body.

❃  Excellent fluidity, permeability.

❃  High temperature resistance, non-deformation.

❃  High tensile and alkali resistance.

❃  Acid and alkali resistance, high duplication times.


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