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29 September 2017
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Food Safe Silicone Rubber for Cake Bread Cupcake


    In the morning, take a loaf of cake or bread, you will get more energy. Exactly, a beautiful or interesting cake shape will bring a nice start of a day!

It looks so delicious, right? and the cup is colorful!  However, the process of making it is tedious, it’s hard to do the exactly like it, and it will take much time and energy. Therefore, a mold of cake bread cup is necessary.


There is a product of Hong Ye, which named as Food Safe Silicone Rubber, it can be used for cake breast cupcake. It has passed FDA food grade certification. You can rest assured, food safe silicone rubber is absolutely healthy with the features of high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, long life, softer, non-deformation, various colors, environmental and non-toxic. 


Food Safe Silicone Rubber is not only suitable for cake, bread, bust also the chocolate, pizza, jelly, conditioning food, pudding, fruit pie and so on.


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