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27 September 2017
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Healthy Food Safe Silicone Rubber


What kind of silicone rubber can be described as a safe silicone rubber? Maybe someone say it can be ate which can prove its safety, however, as most people know the silicone rubber can not be digested when it is ate. Actually it is exactly that the food made by non-toxic silicone rubber mold can be ate and digest. we name it as food safe silicone rubber in general. The mold made by food safe silicone rubber is primarily intended to make food ,such as chocolate, sugar, biscuits, ice cream, and so on. Food safe silicone rubber is absolutely healthy, non-toxic and harmless to human body.


Food safe silicone rubber has the features of environmental, non-toxic, favorable viscosity, good fluidity, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, non-deformation, easy to demould and operate.


The following is parameters of food safe silicone rubber

Above parameters are not the whole data, and the color, viscosity and cured hardness are adjustable according to your requirements.


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