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7 September 2017
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High Transparent Liquid Silicone Rubber


High transparent liquid silicone rubber is a king of addition cure silicone rubber, which can vulcanize at room temperature or by heating cured. It is made up of part A and part B, part A s flowing liquid silicone, part B is platinum catalyst. Hong Ye Q series are dedicated to transparent mold making, it can be used to water-proof and sealed products mold making, which is suitable for electronic compounds, baby nipples, crystal imitation crafts, jewelry, and so on.





  • High transparent, high tensile and tear strength
  • Non-toxic and odorless, environmental
  • High temperature resistance, aging resistance
  • Good elasticity, good permeability, good insulation
  • Low shrinkage (less than 0.1%), good adhesion, weather resistance, and so on.



Operating technology:

  • Evenly mix part A and part B according to the mixing ratio of 1:1.
  • Vacuum pumping, if no vacuum machine, you can stir the mixture slowly to release bubbles.
  • Cure at room temperature in 6-8 hours, If heating at 80℃, it can be cured in 0.5 hours.




  • Keep the silicone rubber sealed storage.
  • After a period of storage, the glue may be layered. Please stir evenly after use, without affecting the performance
  • Avoid contact with organic compounds which is containing S, P, N organics and ionic like Sn, As, Hg that may cause these products cure incompletely or not cure.


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