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25 October 2017
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How to choose high quality silicone rubber

There are different kinds of silicone rubber in the industry, we can meet high quality silicone rubber, however, poor quality of silicone rubber still exists, how can we choose high quality silicone rubber? There are three ways to help you identify the quality of silicone rubber.

1. Judge according to the brand. The famous silicone rubber brands in the world are American Dow Corning, Japan ShinEtsu, Germany Wacker, France Rhodia, American Smooth-on, and so on. and our company Hong Ye technology is the silicone rubber manufacturer for nearly 20 years in China, which has exported to 138 countries and areas.

2. Judge according to the smell. High quality silicone rubber is tastelessness and without any smell, but poor quality silicone rubber smells pungent.

3. Judge according to the performance after vulcanizing. The high quality silicone rubber made of the product has the features of high tensile and tear strength, good elasticity, high temperature resistance, and so on.





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