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26 October 2017
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How to Make Mold by Silicone Rubber for Gypsum

The operations of making mold by silicone rubber for gypsum:

1. Take 100 kg silicone rubber and 2 kg curing agent, stir the silicone rubber and curing agent evenly. ( note: it is necessary to mix silicone rubber and curing agent, otherwise, the silicone will not be cured completely.

2. Vacuum bubbles, this step is to release the bubble, which can make the silicone rubber mold perfect. You should notice that the time of vacuum pumping shouldn’t be too long, in general, ten minutes is suitable.

3. Brushing or pouring, firstly, you should brush a layer of release agent, and then you can adopt the brushing way or pouring way to the original product, brush evenly, after 30 minutes, paste a layer of fiberglass to increase the tensile and strength, and then brush or pour the silicone rubber, paste a layer of fiberglass. If you want better tensile and tear strength, you can repeat this step three or four times.

4. Wait some minutes, demold the original product, and you can get the finished mold.




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