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1 March 2017
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HY-625 Mold Making Rubber Silicone Supplier

Description of HY-625 Mold Making Rubber Silicone Supplier

HY-625 is a kind of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber in condensation type. It’s generally named as two part silicone rubber , Part A is a flowable liquid, part B is the curing agent or catalyst . It’s mainly used for mold making .


Application of HY-625 Mold Making Rubber Silicone Supplier

HY-625 silicone rubber is used for making molds of concrete stone,GRC, gypsum decoration , plaster ornaments, fiberglass products, polyester decoration, unsaturated resin crafts, polyresin crafts, polyurethane, bronze, wax, candle, and similar products .

HY-625 Silicone rubber is with good fluidity and moderate hardness which is suitable for middle size product with pattern by pouring operation, especially popular for manufacturer of resin crafts and gypsum decoration . Besides ,additive is available for brushing operation.


Technical Parameters of HY-625 Mold Making Rubber Silicone Supplier 

Model Color Mixing ratio Pot life (mins,

under 25℃)

Curing time

(hrs,under 25℃ )

Hardness  ( Shore A ) Tensile-

strength  (MPa)


strength (kN/m)


(After A/B mixed ,mPa.s)


rate (%)



HY-625 White 100:3 30-40 4-5 25±2  









≤0.2%    400%

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