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11 May 2016
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Introduction of Hong Ye Silicone Rubber Company.

Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. Which was established in 1998. It’s a science and technology corporation which is engaged in production, R&D, and sales of silicone rubber.
Since 2001 Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology has been known and respected in China. As producer of silicone rubber. It sets up Hong Kong Hong Ye Ltd., Shenzhen Hong Ye silicone rubber factory, and other affiliated enterprises in 2005.

Today we are recognized as the manufacture of high quality silicone rubber products in an unsurpassed variety of RTV-2 silicone, HTV silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber(LSR) and so on.

Our production line is in hundred kinds of products, such as Addition Cure Electronic Potting Compound Silicone, Condensation Cure Electronic Potting Compound Silicone, Manual Model Design Silicone Rubber, Addition Cure Mold Making Silicone, Condensation Mold Making Silicone, RTV-2 Life Casting Silicone Rubber, Shoe Soles Silicone Rubber, Molding Silicone For Crafts, Hot Stamping Silicone Rubber Roller, HTV Spin Casting Silicone, Pad Printing Silicone Rubber, Silicone Rubber Sheet, and so on.

We have technology with strong and experienced researching team.
We have products with strict quality control system.
We work hard to provide you with good service.

Our vision is to be the technical standard of silicone industry.
Our mission is to bring life of high quality of humankind by silicone products.

We offer online and on-site follow-up service for product demonstration, we provide you free technical training on products usage, operation instructions and free mold opening technologies.

Currently 95% of our products has been widely exported to more than 90 countries, and gets its great reputation from all over the world.

Customer satisfaction is one of the core value that drive our business decisions.
We listen, understand and act to meet our customers’ needs, exactly.
We work to create products, processes and technologies that meet environmental and social needs.

Customers and distributors from from worldwide are welcomed to negotiate with us for business cooperation!


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