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25 September 2017
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Life Casting Silicone Rubber


Life casting silicone rubber is a kind of addition cure silicone rubber, which is made up of part A and part B, part A is liquid silicone, part B is platinum catalyst. And they are flowing liquid, the mixing ratio of part A and part B is 1:1. Life casting silicone rubber is transparent or skin color in general, but it is adjustable according to your requirement. After vulcanizing, the life casting silicone rubber will become soft elastic material.


Life casting silicone rubber can be widely used for human body shape, organs, adult products, breast, shoulder pad, patch, anti-skid pad, and other soft silicone rubber products. It is also suitable for simulated human surface mold making, simulated properties with the characteristics of non-deformation, soft and modelling changeable. Owing to food grade silicone rubber, it can be intended for making food molds, high-grade silicone products, and so on.


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