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GRC GFRC Concrete Cement 

Silicone rubber for GRC Silicone rubber for GRC, which  offer great  chemical and heat resistance and used to cast into these molds to make exact reproductions, specially for casting GRC, GFRC… Read more

Artificial Stone

Silicone rubber for artificial stone Silicone rubber for artificial stone is mainly used for artificial stone, toy gifts and craftwork gifts with the advantages of good tensile strength, high tear strength… Read more

Plaster and Gypsum

silicone rubber for plaster HY-625 and HY-E625 molding silicone are excellent for casting gypsum/plaster decoration products with high tensile and tear strength,such as cornice, column… Read more

Polyurethane Polyester Resin 

silicone rubber for resin crafts RTV-2 Silicone for Resin Crafts Molding is applying for casting different type of resin , such as poly resin crafts, unsaturated resin crafts, epoxy resin crafts,PU resin crafts, polyester resin crafts… Read more

Fabricated Tree

silicone rubber for fabricated tree Silicone rubber for fabricated tree is mainly used for artificial stone, GRC, cement products and art crafts with the advantages of good tensile strength, high tear strength…Read more


silicone rubber for plastic molding Silicone rubber for plastic molding is tin cure silicone rubber for mold making. It has an exceptional fluidity and good operability. It is suitable to make mold for concrete casting, artificial stone… Read more


candle mold making silicone Candle mold making silicone rubber is two-component materials which cure at room temperature (RTV) to flexible, high tear-strength silicone. It is suitable to make mold for art crafts… Read more


silicone rubber for soap Silicone rubber for soap mold is used for making molds of soap mold, soap tray, concrete stone, cultured stone, GRC, resin sculpture, glassfiber cement statues, polyester decoration…Read more

Shoe Mold

shoe mold making silicone rubber Hong Ye HY-2 series silicone is high tear strength, which was designed for Shoe soles molding ,it’s also named as two-part silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature… Read more

Resin Rhinestones Jewelry

resin rhinestones jewelry silicone Silicone Rubber for Resin Rhinestones Jewelry is great to make molds either with simple or intricate patterns,like artificial jewelry, resin Jewelry , artificial necklace, artificial bracelet… Read more

Tire Molding

silicone for tire molding Hong Ye silicone enjoys an industry wide reputation as the market leader for tire molding due to its high tear strength, flexibleness,easy to de-air and low shrinkage… Read more

Rapid Prototyping

silicone rubber for rapid prototyping  Hong Ye HY-E series (translucent) and HY-Q series (transparent) are two components, high strength, addition cure moldmaking silicone rubber developed for prototype design…Read more


liquid silicone rubber Mold Making Silicone Rubber, which are widely used for Crafts and sculptures molding:copy poly crafts, polyester arts and crafts, polyurethane statuary, resin craftworks, ceramic statues…Read more