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9 February 2017
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Liquid Silicone for Prototyping Making

Operation instructions of Liquid Silicone for Prototyping Making:
1. Clean the model and molding tool completely before operation to prevent cure inhibition and guarantee quality.
2. Weigh out silicone material appropriately.
3. Mixing the two parts in 1:1/10:1 and stir part A and part B thoroughly to form a kind of even and uniform mixture.
4. And get the mixture for vacuum-pumping for de-air the bubble in around 2-3 minutes. (If there is no vacuum machine,

pour the mixture carefully and slowly down the side of the mold frame in case of producing bubbles).
5. Enclose the product (the original model) with four plastic plates or wooden plates.
6. Clean your products and brush a layer of release agent (detergent or soap water) on your product.
7. Pour the vacuumed mixture into the model frame from the side of the mold frame.
8. When curing time is arriving, a FDA approved silicone mold is finished.

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