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18 September 2017
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Manual Mold Silicone Rubber


Manual mold silicone rubber is primarily intended for manual mold, PVC plastic mold, cement products, low melting point alloy, plastic toys, electronic, crafts, buddha, cultural relics, shoe sole molds, electrocic equipment antivibration, and so on.




Good elasticity, non-deformation, high temperature resistance, low shrinkage, and so on. 



Hong Ye manual mold silicone rubber model:

HY-520: suitable for small size products, it is used to make shoe sole mold generally, duplicated 10~20 times.

HY-530: suitable for small size products, it has different quality with different duplication times, the worst one is about 1~2 times, the better one is about 10~20 times, the best one is about 20~30 times.

HY-540: moderate hardness, the better performance can duplicate 20~30 times, the worse one is about 5~10 times.

HY-550, HY-560, HY-570 is suitable for large size products duplication, and elevtronix equipment antivibraton.



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