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29 August 2016
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Operation Instruction of Buddha beads Pouring Mold

Firstly, prepare the necessary tools, such as rulers, knives, brushes, paperboard, etc.Deal with the original molds, put

it on the wooden board reasonably, then use the glue to fix it.


Fix the wooden board on the glass plate, spray a layer of release agent on the surface of the mold evenly.Prepare suitable

paperboards and fix them around the original mold as a square, leaving space about 2cm between the paperboard and

original mold.Then seal the paperboards with hot melt adhesive.


Choose the type of silicone rubber according to the product’s structure, pattern and application. Here we use HY-625

silicone rubber, adding 2%-5% curing agent into the silicone rubber, after curing agent and silicone rubber stir evenly,

pour them into the square, shake it evenly. Vacuum to -0.1MP, which presents the mold made out of bubbles and affect

the quality of the mold.


Remove paperboards around the silicone mold after it is cured totally and trim down the overflow part of the mold surface.

Cut the silicone mold by knife and take out the original mold. The mold of Buddha beads is finished. We suggest to put the

silicone mold into production after 24 hours.

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