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Life Casting Silicone

Life casting silicone rubber Life Casting Silicone has high viscosity to brush molding, so it’s not easy drop of when brush molding. Specially used for body double and beauty replica and make silicone mask…Read more

Silicone Makeup and Skin Effect

Silicone rubber for makeup and skin effect Makeup and Skin Effect Silicone is a kind of body safe silicone, skin safe silicone. It features an exceptional fluidity and good operability, mainly be suitable for making FDA products… Read more

Silicone Mask

Mask silicone Platinum cured silicone rubber for mask making is a kind of nearly-colorless translucent Fluid. It is mainly used to make soft silicone products, such as sex toys, body organs, etc…Read more

Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone rubber for sex toys Sex Doll Silicone Rubber is a kind of addition cure silicone rubber. It has no problem of deep vulcanize or reverse reaction problem, etc. It is particularly applicable for human body… Read more

Silicone Prosthesis

Silicone Prosthesis Silicone for Prosthesis is platinum cure silicone rubber with medical grade , it belongs to life casting silicone rubber. It’s two components liquid silicone rubber, the mixing ratio is 1:1…Read more

Silicone Shoe Insole

Silicone rubber for shoe insole Silicone rubber for shoe insole is a kind of addition cure silicone rubber, which specially used for making silicone insoles ,foot support insole, foot insoles, heel insole, orthotic insoles… Read more

Silicone Bra

silicone for bra Liquid RTV life casting silicone for bra has no problem of deep vulcanize or reverse reaction problem, etc. It can be used to make human face, masks, human sense organs nose, ears…Read more

Silicone Animal Toys

silicone rubber for animal toys Silicone Rubber for Animal Toys is two-component room-temperature curing liquid silicone rubber. It is mainly applicable to Plastic Toys,poly resin crafts, PU crafts, PU resin crafts…Read more


life casting silicone rubber Life casting silicone rubber is suitable for making human body molds and silicone dummies, silicone organs, silicone mask, silicone prosthesis, silicone breast pad/ bra pad, shoulder pads…  Read more