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24 August 2017
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Popular Silicone Rubber



Silicone rubber is also known as Polysiloxanes or Silicate gel.

Main ingredient is SiO2, and the direct molecular formula is Si-O-Si.

A soft elastomer with the characteristics of non-toxic and tastelessness.

Excellently chemical stability.

Difficult to be replaced by other similar material.



You see it at

Architecture: Roman column, stone carving, gypsum, plaster…

Life casting: mask, prosthetics, breast, sex dolls, organs, simulated skin…

Food: sugar cake chocolate, desert, bread, biscuits, ice sculptures…

Prototyping: Mechanical parts,Gears, bolts, shafts, bearings, chains…

Electronic products: LED, LCD, circuit board, game consoles, digital camera…

Textile: labor, cloth, T-shirt, socks, toys, hats, shoes…

Leather: sofa, cushion, bag, belt, clothing, wall ornaments…

Injection products: baby nipples, sealing ring, medical sensation, sports equipment…




High temperature resistance to protect products.

Non-deformation to duplicate more times.

Non-toxic and safe to make your life more comfortable.

Can be hard, can be soft.

Can be sticky, can be diluted.

Whatever color you want, there be.



Hong Ye silicone rubber has 20 years exported experience.

Professional technology and team

Environmental and non-toxic silicone rubber.


Establish a global green ecology environment!


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