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Encapsulation Potting Compound for Automobile Car Module

Silicone glue applications in automotive electronic devices include adhesives and sealants, potting adhesives, insulation coatings, thermal conductive adhesives and other materials. These materials are used to protect engine control module, ignition coil and ignition module, power system module, braking system module, exhaust emission control module, power system, lighting system, various sensors, connectors, etc.

With the continuous development of high-end industry, in order to ensure the stability and durability of the equipment in use in the automotive industry, and eliminate the impact of environmental factors (moisture, salt spray, dust, vibration, heat, etc.) on the equipment, which leads to the reduction of the reliability of the equipment, more stringent requirements are put forward for silicone materials.


More and more automotive power batteries are using two components silicone glue to encapsulate. To a certain extent, the performance of the cell determines the performance of the battery module, and then affects the performance of the whole power battery system. Therefore, in the design of the power battery system, we must select the material and shape of the battery cell according to the design requirements of the whole vehicle, ensure the uniform heat dissipation of the battery cells and modules, ensure the consistency of the battery, and improve the life and safety of the battery system.

Among the power batteries are cylindrical batteries. Silicone thermal conductive potting silicone rubber is mainly used to solve the technical problems of heat dissipation, flame retardancy, lightweight, waterproof and anti-seismic after the battery is combined into a pack, as well as the problem of not causing the explosion and combustion of the whole pack after the explosion of a single battery. At the same time, it also solves the problems of heat dissipation, waterproof and anti-seismic of soft pack and square battery, delaying the combustion time and increasing the escape time in case of combustion Questions.


General performance requirements of potting silicone rubber:

With more powerful functions of electrical equipment being concentrated into smaller components, electrical components have higher requirements for the flame retardancy and thermal conductivity of potting adhesives. Silicone potting adhesive has the characteristics of no by-product release, low shrinkage, easy control of crosslinking density and curing speed, which is an ideal matrix material for electronic and electrical potting adhesive. The pouring glue must be soft to prevent the solder joint from falling off; because there are some heating elements in the module, the pouring glue needs to have a certain heat conduction effect.