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Polymer Waterproof Compound for Electrical Box Potting

Electrical transformer boxes have to be exposed to the sun, wind, rain and getting wet, insects, ants and mouses go inside the transformer box which destroy the transformer box. So we need polymer waterproof compound to protect the power box. HONG YE brand’s polymer waterproof glue is most widely used for electrical box potting in China,which is already the top standard in this field.

Actually many electrical equipment failures are caused by moisture and moisture. How to prevent moisture and dehumidification of electrical equipment has always been the concern of power operation and maintenance personnel.

Hong Ye Jie silicone elastomer kit can slove above problems with these advantages: waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, resistance to frequent alternation of high and low temperature, fire retardant, heat conductive, anti-corrosion and prevention of small animal invasion, which can resist ll kinds of harsh environment.