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28 November 2016
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Scutcheon Making Silicone Rubber

Description of Scutcheon Making Silicone Rubber

Scutcheon making silicone rubber is room temperature addition-cured liquid molding silicone rubber with

low viscosity, which has all kinds of the advatages and features of addition cure silicone rubber.


Application of Scutcheon Making Silicone Rubber

Scutcheon making silicone rubber, which is used for making silicone labels and logo, fabricated into trademarks

by cloth pressing and leather pressing, Generally, it’s applied to the trademarks of jeans, shoes, toys, socks, knapsack,

packsack and so on.


Characteristics of Scutcheon Making Silicone Rubber

  1. Low shrinkage(<0.1%)
  2. Good skid-proof effect and high adhesive strength
  3. Wearproof, wash-resistant, high temperature resistant
  4. Non-toxic and odorless, food grade silicone
  5. High transparency and good tear-strength


Datasheet of Scutcheon Making Silicone Rubber

Model Color Viscosity
















HY-4130 Transparent 70000-100000 30 4 16 300 1:1/10:1 3
HY-4135 Transparent 70000-100000 35 4 17 300 1:1/10:1 3
HY-4220 High Transparent 65000-100000 20 3.5 17 350 1:1/10:1 3
HY-4235 High Transparent 65000-100000 35 5 22 300 1:1/10:1 3
HY-4240 High Transparent 65000-100000 40 5 22 200 1:1/10:1 3


Note: Above technical datasheet doesn’t include all of our products, and it’s not the

fixed data, they can be adjustable according to customer’s requirement.


Package of Scutcheon Making Silicone Rubber

5kg/can, 20kg/drum, 200kg/drum


Shelf Life of Scutcheon Making Silicone Rubber

One Year from date of shipment when stored at 25℃ in original unopened packages.




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