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22 September 2017
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Silicon is Silicone?


  Do you think silicon is silicone?

  Look at the two words: silicon and silicone, only a letter is different, maybe you think they are the same. But actually, there are different thing.

  Silicon is a kind of common chemical element, but it rarely occurs in the nature as single substance, in most cases, it appears in the form of  silicate or silica, and it is widely found in rocks, grits, duct, and so on.

  What about silicone?

  Silicone is a kind of organic chloride, the basic structure unit of silicone is made up of silica-oxygen links, It has the features of high and low temperature resistance, good water-proofing, high frequency insulation,good resistance to radiation and ozone.


  Where do you get silicone?

  Hong Ye technology is engaged in producing silicone for nearly 20 years, which is trustworthy old brand. The silicone can be used to make molds to replica products or make products directly.The company is located in Shenzhen, China, you can get the silicone by sea or by air. And it’s samples are free!



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