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Self-adhesive Silicone Gel

Self-adhesive silicone gel Self-adhesive Silicone Gel is two component transparent silicone elastomer catalyzed by platinum. It’s proper to be used in biomedical as bonding and self-adhesion material…Read more

Silicone Artificial Breast

Silicone Rubber for Artificial Breast Silicone Rubber for Artificial Breast is also kind of body safe silicone, skin safe silicone. It features an exceptional fluidity and good operability. It could be used to make sex toys, sex doll…Read more

Silicone Breast Stickers

Silicone rubber for breast stickers Silicone Rubber for Breast Stickers is two component addition cure heating or room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber. It can be used for making soft silicone rubber products…Read more

Silicone Breast Pad

silicone rubber for breast pad Silicone Rubber for Breast Pad is medical grade liquid silicone rubber. It is very soft and flexible, It is particularly suitable for making Silicone Breast Pad, silicone vagina… Read more

Filling Silicone for Air Filter

Filling silicone for air filter Filling Silicone for Air Filter is an elastic gel after curing, a viscous gel which is formed with two-component. With following advantages: convenient weighing, easy potting, no emissions… Read more


silicone gel Silicone gel is two component silicone rubber, it can be used for making Self-adhesive Silicone Gel, Silicone Artificial Breast, Silicone Breast Stickers, Silicone Breast Pad… Read more