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12 October 2017
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Silicone Rubber Data in Hong Ye Technology


Different company has different product model. In Hong Ye technology, all in all, there are many series data of silicone rubber, which can be used for many areas.

HY-6 series are suitable for silicone rubber mold making , such as gypsum, cement, casting, artificial stone, sculpture, and so on.

HY-E series are not only suitable for silicone rubber mold making, but also insoles, food grade product replica, soft silicone products (body organs, artificial limbs, sex doll, silicone simulation skin, etc), prototyping, and so on.

HY-Q series are mainly intended for food grade silicone rubber mold making, prototyping, human body fields, insoles, silicone rubber for mold making, and so on.

HY-T series are primarily intended for prototyping with the features of high transparent performance.

HY-9 series are mainly applicable to the printing of irregular patterns, such as plastic toys, trademarks, crafts, and so on.

HY-90&93&2 series are suitable for electronic potting compound.

And other series of silicone rubber are also versatility, such as silicone foam, manual mold silicone rubber, silicone gel, screen printing silicone rubber, silicone rubber for scutcheon, injection silicone rubber, and so on.

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