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11 October 2017
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silicone rubber for gypsum


Silicone rubber is an excellent material to make gypsum molds as its features of soft and good fluidity, which is very easy to operate. Silicone rubber for gypsum is  a kind of environmental liquid material, it is mainly applicable to the big size, moderate size or small size of gypsum crafts, gypsum line, gypsum statue mold making and other delicate patterns products.


Silicone rubber for gypsum has the features of high tensile and tear strength, high and low temperature resistance, environmental, non-toxic, tastelessness, excellent fluidity, good permeability, low shrinkage, adjustable viscosity, no deformation, favorable hardness, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, easy pouring, and so on.


When you use silicone rubber for gypsum to make mold, you should pay attention to two points, one is that the addition of curing agent should depend on the temperature, you should reduce the curing agent at high temperature. If you add too much, the silicone rubber will be hard and brittle, and if you add too little, the silicone rubber will take more time to be cured. The other point is to use silicone rubber more efficient, pls store the silicone rubber for 24 hours before using.



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