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Liquid Moldmaking Silicone 

Liquid Moldmaking silicone Liquid mold making silicone rubber is generally named two-component silicone rubber, Part A and Part B. It is features an exceptional fluidity and good operability… Read more

Food Grade Molding Silicone 

Food Grade Silicone Rubber Food grade silicone rubber is a platinum silicone which is totally non toxic, specially used for food molding, such as chocolate, jelly, sugar, candy,etc… Read more

Medical Grade Silicone Rubber

Medical grade silicone rubber Medical Grade Silicone Rubber which is also kind of human grade silicone, which are used for making silicone nipple, silicone foot health products and silicone chiropody’s products…Read more

Silicone Gel 

silicone gel Silicone Gel is a kind of platinum cure silicone rubber. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic and soft which can be used to make artificial breast, breast stickers, breast pad… Read more

Foaming Silicone

foaming silicone Foaming Silicone, which is always used as a filling material for PU products, silicone clone human, polyurethane furniture, since silicone rubber foam is very lightweight…Read more

Electronic Potting Silicone 

electronic potting silicone Electronic Potting Silicone is a kind of addition cure silicone(1:1 mixing ratio) with the characteristics of heat-conducting, low viscosity, inherent flame resistance, waterproofing, etc… Read more

Screen Printing Silicone Rubber

screen printing silicone rubber Screen printing silicone rubber is specially used for skid-proof, water-proof and insulating purpose of frill, underclothes, clothes, stockings, hose, socks, swimming cap and so on… Read more

Silicone Rubber for Scutcheon

silicone rubber for scutcheon Silicone rubber for scutcheon is room temperature addition-cured silicone rubber with low viscosity, which has all kinds of the advantages and features of addition cure silicone… Read more

Leather Embossed Silicone

Leather embossed silicone Leather Embossed Silicone is a kind of addition cure silicone rubber with the advantages of good skid-proof effect, high adhesive strength, wearproof, wash-resistant, non-toxic… Read more