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21 October 2017
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The Shelf Life of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber industry is more popular because of its environmental and non-toxic performance, which is not only used for human aspects, but also the food molds. Hong Ye technology is engaged in liquid silicone rubber for nearly 20 years, which has receive many great reputation in domestic and foreign.

Hong Ye silicone rubber is a kind raw material of liquid silicone rubber, which is made up of silicone rubber and catalyst. When we using silicone rubber, there may be surplus, and how do you deal with it? Do you know the shelf life of silicone rubber?

Our silicone rubber has two types, one is tin cure silicone rubber, the other one is platinum cure silicone rubber. In general, the shelf life of tin cure silicone rubber is about twelve months, and the shelf life of platinum cure silicone rubber can be up to nearly two years , such a long time. However, you should be noticed that stirring the silicone rubber after a long period of storage, there may be a little  precipitation, and it is normal phenomenon.



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