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13 September 2017
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The Well-known Silicone Rubber Manufacturer


As we all know, the very famous silicone rubber manufacturers in global includes German Wacker, American DowCorning, Japan ShinEtsu, France Rhodia, and so on. And in China, except BlueStar, Hong Ye technology is also popular in silicone rubber industry.


We can not to judge which silicone rubber manufacturer is the best, owing to every manufacturer has different products that has different performance, which is according to different products requirements. Every manufacturer has its own specialty.


Hong Ye technology is located in Shenzhen, China, which is 5000 square meter factory and with 15 production lines. It is engaged in about hundred types of silicone rubber research, production and sale. As the nearly 20 years old brands, Hong Ye technology products have exported more than 130 countries and areas!


We provide

  • Free silicone samples
  • Free training of technique
  • Excellent after sales service
  • R&D teams wuth 18 exports
  • Strict production and QC
  • Hundred types of RTV silicone



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