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29 August 2017
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The widely used mold making silicone rubber

Hong Ye mold making silicone rubber is a kind of liquid two-part silicone rubber, which is also known as two-component silicone rubber or room temperature vulcanized (RTV) silicone rubber. Part A is a flowable liquid, part B is curing agent. After mixing part A and part B, the mixture can vulcanize quickly.

Silicone mold has a very wide range of applications:

Architecture, furniture decoration: plaster, cement, building components, garden decoration, rockery, relief, simulated furniture mould, Ceramic turning model, 3D glass light wall, and so on.

Toys, craft gifts: buddhist statue, bronze casting, resin crafts, ceramic crafts, plastic toys, simulated animal and plant molds, and so on.

Automobile, air, rail and other transportation industries: prototyping, reflector molds, tire molds, and so on

Food grade industries: cake, chocolate, candy, biscuits, ice sculpture, butter cream, and so on.

Leisure and entertainment industries: rock climbing, imitation submarine fake coral mold, falsies model, mannequin model, and so on.

Others: jewelry, resin drill, shoe soles, insoles, belt, clothes, gloves, socks, soap molds, and so on.

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