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9 October 2017
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Two Types of Mold Making Silicone Rubber


There are two types of mold making silicone rubber, condensation cure mold making silicone rubber and addition cure mold making silicone rubber. and what’s the difference? I think you may should know the difference of condensation cure silicone rubber and addition cure silicone rubber.

The addition cure silicone rubber is more environmental and has passed FDA certification. It has more applications, such as food molds, life casting, insoles and so on.

The common features of two types mold making silicone rubber:

  •   High duplication times, aging resistance.
  •   Environmental, non-toxic and tastelessness.
  •   High temperature resistance.
  •   High tensile and tear strength.
  •   Excellent fluidity, permeability, stability.
  •   Non-deformation, easy to demould and operate.

The parameters of Mold Making Silicone Rubber:

Above parameters are not the whole data, and the color, viscosity and cured hardness are adjustable according to your requirements. Pls feel free to contact us!


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