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24 March 2016
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What is resin mold silicone rubber?


Resin mold silicone rubber is designed for resin molding.It is mainly used for casting resin molds for toy gifts and other gifts, etc.With the advantages of good tensile strength,high tear strength,high temperature resistance,high duplication times and repeated use,etc.It is even ideal for small products or fine and precision products which is very difficult to demould.This molding silicone rubber is one of the products with the high level of use in the production of craftwork gifts and the shrinkage is lower than 2‰.Apart from the good products,we also provide with silicone model making technique support for you.


Resin mold silicone rubber is always used to make mold for resin gifts, resin crafts,resin sculpture,epoxy resin products,acrylic resin products, polyester resin products,ceramic molding,and so on.

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The product is in white or red color, flowing liquid with general hardness of 18-22A°after curing.If the customer wants to make large products and large size molds,the mold should be made of silicone rubber with high hardness.On the contrary,if the mold with fine and precision patterns,it should be made of silicone with low hardness.The amount of the curing agent depends on the actual requirements of customers.If molds requiring fast drying and demould, more curing agent is needed; contrarily,if molds require slower drying and demould, less curing agent will be needed.

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